During twentyfive days...
Hi kittens! I thought to do this funny thing called ''The List'', that will go on during 25 days with start from thursday containing confessions, rumours, pictures and a lot of funny stuff that I know would be really interesting for you guys to read and see ;) So for almost a whole month you will be guaranteed interesting posts here on my blog that I know you'll like!
Now, I have visit from Mervi and Teemu so I will hang with them ofc at the same time when I check out stuff my mum gave to me yesterday and find out where to place and put it (I don't have THAT huge apartment so I have to make a plan...) to get more space in my crib ;) See ya later kittens!
Thank you ms. Brain!
Fuck! How wrong can I remember time sometimes? Probably reeeeeaaaally wrong because I woke up really early today to go to the meeting I have today, took a too early bus and when I'm in town I realise my meeting isn't yet - so I have to wait for 3 hours before I can catch it up... Argh!
I didn't take almost any time to fix myself this morning and not take my time to pick clothes, so now I'm feeling really shitty with this outfit and my hair and everything, so I'll just load up with energy drink while I wait because I have nothing better to do! -.-''
Wonderful, my own brain played me! :s