Scary could be fun, every year!

Huhuu, jag lovade ju er att visa lite bilder från årets Halloweenfest som jag och CarroW anordna, tyvärr så tog jag ju inte så mycket bilder vilket hade varit kul att uppdatera bloggen med, men eftersom alla inte heller vill vara med på bild så är ju det en sak man måste ta och respektera helt enkelt :)
Anyway, bilderna är ju tagna med blixt, så känslan i sig var ju enormt bättre med tända ljus och skit, haha! :D Tyvärr förstör blixten en hel del, och utan blixt? Nah, då ser man ju fasen knappt vad som är med i bilden xD Sooo, here U go! :D

Me and CarroW was in the magazine today !

But hey look at this! Me and CarroW where in the magazine today where they wrote about the Halloween Party where CarroW and I worked at on friday night :P Niiice, but on paper it was a lot much more text :) But they wrote wrong in the magazine about the psychoroom, bothly Petra and CarroW were actors in the room and it was CarroW's mainroom... :O Well, I commented on HBwebben that they had writed a little bit wrong, because they forgot all about CarroW when it was her room too :/
But anyways, here are the pictures that were published in the magazine :)
Can you find me and CarroW somewhere? ;)
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A vampirous doll and a Psycho!

Here comes some pictures from Halloween of how I and my girlfriend looked like :) Trick or treat never happened because we had no ride home and all of our friends couldn't come with us so we walked to MAX, ate a free burger and then we went to the sportsbar who had Halloween theme. They let us in for free, or everyone who had a outfit for Halloween :) I was fun though, I don't drink as much I did before, so my girlfriend and I scared the shit of many who was there. Wtf, with the outfits that we had, then all we had do to was just to stare xD
It was lot of more fun when the sportsbar closed and we walked to MAX for the second time, we saw some young ppl outside of 7eleven and randomness we wanted to scare them. We had no fucking idea who they were and one of the chics got so scared so she gave me a bitchslap hahaha! :P
I never got mad at her, i can take a hint on Halloween if I scare ppl ;)
She asked me if I knew who Heiduskaja was, well, it was me.. She never told me though why she wondered if I knew who... I was? :P Hmmm....
This is how I looked on Saturday night as a vampirous doll;
And this is how my girlfriend looked like as a psycho: