Goal is set - in august I leave Sweden!
Omg! Now mine and my love's goal is set, we are going back to Spain together! :D We'll try to gain money for the trip which will cost us at least 30.000 kronors, but we will make it! :d i've missed spain so much and it will ofc be Alcudia, Mallorca again! As soon as we get there we'll visit London Bar where we know the people who work there, and when we go there we will stay for 3 weeks at least haha! :D ooooooh I can't wait! It will be fun for me as well to update my blog while I'm on vacation somewhere else than Sweden, and shit how much I will update you with pictures and happenings! :D Our goal is to go in August, by then we should've get so much money that we can go there and ofc - that's the time when it's hottest days there where we are going - and our trip will be luxurious! :D Can't wait! :D
Help me out to choose a song to sing - you get a link!
Okay kittens, I got a request of performing 2 songs on an event, one happy song and then the another one is one random - I have some difficulties to pick out songs to I thought that I ask you what songs you would like me to perform - when I perform the sings I will ofc be recorded and then I'm gonna publish the videos here on my blog and youtube when I sing them!
I don't either want to have easy songs, I like to challenge myself!
So if you have a good tip of a great songs you would like to hear me sing then please, comment!

Ofc, if you have a blog then you as well earn a link as a thank you for helping me out! :D
Jockiboi visited me! :D
Okay, you know the competition Find 1 Fail I use to have here on my blog? Well, among all the participants this guy had commented (he had the right answer, it was the lip piercing that was missing in the other picture) on find 1 fail, and I got so happy that HE had commented there but he among all the ones who has written the right answer -  I raffled the winner and the winner became a girl. But I got so happy that he even took his time to leave a comment and participate in Find 1 Fail so I wanted to do a post about how happy I got! I have followed his blog almost 2 months now and I got really surprised that he had visited my blog and even particpated! That makes people happy! :D
Keep on doing what you do Jockiboi, you are great and I really enjoy to visit your blog time after time and you really made me happy by taking your time here in my blog! Big hugs from me!