Del 7

Spring - Winter 2012
Sooner or later everyone at last accepted that we we're a couple - or that was exactly what we thought til' one friend of ours totally screwed up. I will come back to that later. Anyway, everything was great, we didn't drink that much anymore together, only a few times and it ended with no fights anymore as it did the year before.
On the spring CarroW became a member of the youth council and we arranged discos etc the whole year for the younger ones, gosh we had a great time, it was real fun.
We even went to prom together. I designed our dresses and we picked our own favecolours, CarroW had blue and I had pink but the dresses we're same design - only the colours we're different. Prom was one of the best days of our lives - then we even got to know that all our school mates did never have anything against us being a lesbian couple, I guess we we're the unique couple at prom after all :)
When summer came and CarroW graduated, we celebrated it together. She was drunk all day, and so was I! When summer came, we got to know a few new friends who we drank with and who we also fought with later on. Crazy shit I say, but no one ever ripped us apart. We moved with eachother like magnets, we never slept alone, we never ate if both didn't eat, we didn't fight, and we we're allways together. We didn't even go to the bathroom to take a shit alone, haha, that's very strange but true! xD
Lately on the summer, july 30th 2012, CarroW and I got engaged! I bough rings of white gold with our names carved on the inside, and proposed to her when we was on holiday at CarroW's and her family's island Mali on the sea. Proposing was quite fun, CarroW had pms or something (she was mad) and we sat by the water and the plan was to be a little picknik. But it wasn't really a picnic, the sandwishes we're thrown in the water and we smoked a cigarette instead before I asked her to marry me. Tears came up from her eyes and she said yes!
In august, we turned our backs to one of our friends. She sort of seemed to try to separate us by telling rumours around whole town that CarroW had cheated on me on a party where we both went to in the beginning of the month. People believed in her words and thought that I am a sick freaky bitch who CarroW's not happy to be with, and they thought that CarroW had slept with somebody else right after our engagement because she said so. I can tell you all, that is just bullshit and has never happened. CarroW have never cheated on me, and I have never cheated on her, so people who still believes in what she says - DON'T. It isn't the truth. I think that old friend of ours, are just jealous because she never had this luck as CarroW and I have.
Now then? I have a new apartment very close to where CarroW lives, we have 2 dogs and 3 cats, we move like magnets and we are as well saving money for insimination. We want to have kids, and we are also looking for a donator. Life is bright, and we will also set our date for marriage after being engaged for at least 2 years!
Mine and CarroW's lesbian relationship, is truly based on real love.
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The last part of the Lesbian Lie + something more that will come next year 2013!

Okay, here are some honest news about the lesbian truth! I know I have been quite bad writing it often, it has been long breaks before I continued with the continuing part, but now tomorrow I will give you the last part of the lesbian truth! I thought it would be nice to post the last part before this year is over because next year I will begin with a new true-life story and that's the story of my life. I will tell you all the terrible that happened to me from when I was a kid til' now, and that will be a very long story I assure you! I will change the names in the story because of security reasons.
Exciting? ;)
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Del 6

Autumn - Winter 2011
When school began me and CarroW had a strange feeling, people looked a little differently at us all the time. Word, totally got out, and we didn't give a shit about it. Ofcourse it was schocking for everyone, CarroW had never been with a girl before and the most knew that she from the beginning was straight.
Many of our friends that still was quite in schock, asked us a lot of questions, which you will have all the answers on in our whole lesbian truth story! Many times as we we're drunk guys tried and tried to have sex with us, many may thought that better with 2 than 1 - but they never had a chance. Everything that we wanted was pussy, in this case eachother ofc!
When we was together drunk we began to fight more and more, things got sometimes fucked up. Imagine yourself, 2 girls with a hell of a temperament, what happens if the other one gets too drunk and then a little pissed? Many thought that our relationship would end because of the fights which we're pretty brutal (We didn't bitchslap eachother, rather we punched!) but they weren't right. We had skills to allways talk about it and realise what the problem was and this because we knew eachother so well and trusted eachother so much, ofc it affected our relationship a little, but never towards the end.
Everything kept on goin like usual, I even celebrated Xmas and New Years Eve with CarroW and her family!
What I remember as most from 2011 is that some of our friends didn't really believening in that we we're in a serious relationship, I allways got the feeling about that one of our friends somehow tried to separate us. But for what reason, I really don't know.. When we had all our fights there was allways following comments that sounded like: ''You are not made for eachother, there are nothing good you can accomplish, it will end sometime anyway, you fight so much so it would be a better idea of thinking of the right thing'' etc.
But we didn't listen, our feelings we're so strong. Sometimes it was like only we understood eachother, and no one understood us! Kinda funny :O
When 2012 came, it began to be more acceptable that CarroW and I was a lesbian couple, boys in drunk situations didn't try to have sex with us anymore when they realised that they had no chance, people quit blaming us for being a little different couple and began to embrace the thought of it, CarroWs parents melted it quicker all the time, me and CarroW became sober for a while to have a safe taste of our relationship.
We even did get a dog from my mum (Kulkuri) that we began to call our baby!
But we we're heading for a hard time; to survive a relationship is allways a fight for love..